Meet Paul Kirkland

Paul Kirkland

Secretary, Co-Founder

Paul Kirkland is from Conway, AR, and currently lives in Dallas, TX

Paul currently involved in Young Adults & Men’s Ministry, which are the focus in this season of his life at his local Church.

Paul has been involved with other ministries, such as, Young Life, FCA, New Life Church, and Gateway Church.

Paul summarizes his desire to impact in two Points: Revelation & Delegation;

Daily, Paul’s goal is to recognize more of who God is and to release control on what can only be changed by Him.

With that, Paul’s heart is to specifically cultivate a safe haven of resources to a community that can receive a rich impartation.

Paul’s heart is to see everyone for their passions, with a positive mindset, seeing peoples strength’s and how to accompany other people’s weaknesses.

Paul operates with Kingdom Initiative as a Consultant and Board Member.

Mr. Kirkland mentions “why” he is apart if Kingdom Initiative:

“Being with a group of Men, who live to see God’s glory written through a testimony is what has drawn me to this team. Team Ki carries a posture of honor, obedience, and humility. Kingdom Initiative does not take the Great Commission lightly. That is why I’m here.”

-Paul Kirkland