Meet Josh Guerra

Josh Guerra

Director of Media, Co-Founder

Sweet Jay was born and raised in oak cliff, on the south side of Dallas.

Other than working with Team Ki, Joshua Guerra has been apart of Team Overcomer Ministries, which is a 13 member full production team lead by DJ Overcomer. Overcomer Ministries tours the world and has the mission to make Jesus known everywhere they go. Overcomer Ministries and Team Ki are a prime example that worship doesn’t always have to look the same.

Sweet Jay’s heart is for the youth. Joshua wants to show the next generation the same love that was shown to him and help them realize what life looks like when people are aligned with Christ. Music is an obvious influence on people, so Sweet Jay is very grateful God has given him this responsibility to help minds and lives through the gifts He has given Joshua.

Before Team Overcomer Ministries, Sweet Jay loved writing, mostly poems, stories, and always had a love for music. When Joshua was about 15 years old, his best friend and him started writing Christian versions to popular songs just for fun and they were able to perform them every other Wednesday night youth service. Joshua fell in love with writing lyrics and even knew he was called to create music one day.

As the director of media, Sweet Jay works closely with Brandon Diaz in all aspects of Kingdom Initiative’s content, as well as assist him in anyway he can. Joshua also takes care of the donation gifts and distribution.

“When the idea for Kingdom Initiative first came about, David Fraga and I were trying to organize an outreach concert for the people of Coppell, TX. However, we realized without an organization we would not be able to receive the funds so we can carry out our plans. God quickly showed us that our dreams of a concert were small compared to what he had in store for us. This new journey so far has been a monumental time for my life, I have found my purpose, found new passions, and finally get to step in to what He has called me to do. I’m so grateful to have met my brothers and will forever be grateful for this organization and its continued potential.”

-Sweet Jay (Joshua Guerra)