Meet Alberto Gonzales

Alberto Gonzales

Head of Operations & Development

Alberto Gonzales is from a suburb of Dallas called Garland, TX. Alberto has worked with a non-profit organization called Hope for Hemophilia, where he focused on recruiting leaders and building them up so that they could better serve their community. Alberto loves people and loves that everyone has their own powerful story. Part of Alberto’s purpose is to empower people to own their stories so they can use it, to not only better themselves, but to learn how to share it to impact people to do the same. Alberto has had the privilege of traveling the country and hearing people stories, while sharing his own journey. “Sometimes, we get so used to our own stories that we can forget how unique they are which can blind us to the fact that it could trigger a life-changing experience for another individual.” (Alberto G.)

Alberto’s role here at Kingdom Initiative involves operations and development.

“In my own way I’ve had a tough experience with the church and it has made me super hesitant to present things I had in my heart to God. I asked God for a role where I could do what I enjoy doing. When I built up the courage to surrender to God, he introduced me to such an amazing team (Team Ki) that has been a huge part of my spiritual growth. I want to bring this culture of sharing God’s grace through community and replicate it all over Dallas.”

-Alberto Gonzales