It’s time to Man-Down

“You’ve been waiting on something….not knowing that The Lord has chosen You, to be the one to make that something happen”. (Let me run that back) How many times have we been given an opportunity to step into a position of leadership and we just there lookin’ around waiting for somebody else to step up. I have, I was there, and it honestly wasn’t that long ago. We’ve been waiting too long fellas….Hear me out, sometimes God won’t do for us, what He has equipped us to do ourselves. (Let me run that back) Not out of spite, but purely out of confidence. He believes in who you are, because He’s equipped you with leadership, He’s given you influence over those around you, and Now, it’s your time to believe it, and act on it. This isn’t the time to “Man up” nah….this is the time to “Man down”. To posture ourselves down on our knees, choosing vulnerability over comfortability. As a man, I know what it’s like to Convince myself that “others have been picked to lead”…..You see other men leading, and you think “oh they got it, I’m chillin”…..when in reality God’s trying to Wake. You. Up. by previewing what it is He wants You to do. You’ve been running from it, how do I know this? Cause I was too, until I chose, to man down….and receive the one thing I’ve been waiting for this whole time. I’ve turned my back on God more times than I can count….but isn’t it good to know, that every time We look back over our shoulder, He’s always right there waiting, patiently. I believe this is a moment, Your moment, to turn back toward someone who loves you, cares for you, and wants to give you the deepest desires of your heart, despite your circumstances, despite your failures, despite your emotions. It’s time to link up, as MEN, and women, to spiritually get aggressive, to sharpen one another, and go out and take some territory for the kingdom. Hear my heart, I’m lost, I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and I truly believe that there are many of us that believe in God, but we’ve never truly turned our will to Him. If you’re hearing me right now, and you’re feeling something, not just men, but anyone, I want to invite you to declare, that Today is the day you stop chasing after the world and start chasing after the God given purpose in your life. Simply send me a message right after this, so I can partner with you, and be pray with with and for you.


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