Let the Word be your anchor

Hey there, I received a good word from some pastors months ago and I believe it is so relevant to our generation and future as to where we are headed. I hope this blog article serves as a tool to encourage, to sharpen you, and stir you up to be Kingdom builders and continue to run the race that is set before you!

“Millennial Generation is the first prophetic generation in 50 years. There is a special calling on this generation to lift the church, the body of Christ to a new level. This generation will set a new direction at a new level. As the Old Testament was the type and shadow for what happened in the New Testament, so the millennial generation will be the fulfillment of what was built by the preceding generation.

It is time for the mantle to pass!’
A transaction generation.

Do not judge yourselves by the standards of my generation (Baby boomers/Gen X)
You are called to exceed the standards we have set!

God has given us greater boldness and greater freedom but this carries greater responsibility.

We are an electronic/internet generation; God created all that for us because he has a plan for us to us it. However, we must stay in the word. We can not rely on the internet. The word is our ANCHOR! (God’s WORD).

The principle strategy for you is to unite the body of Christ across not just denominational boundaries but across religious boundaries. To reach those where I have planted a seed of faith; this in the nation of Islam, Buddhism, in Hinduism, in all places and all people! As you seek me, as you absorb My Word, as you operate in the freedom I have given you there shall be no boundaries(discrimination)! You are truly a borderless generation. I have made this generation restless, but be patient in preparation for in that process I am building in you what you will need for OUR next step.

As you dwell in me and I in you as the Word says, “nothing shall be impossible for you!” Set aside fear of man! When you show up, I will show off my glory! Obey me and you will see thins no one has ever seen!



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