For the Kingdom is the Lord's and He Rules Over the nations.

Psalm 22:28

Three Ways To Get Involved


1.   Be There.  Don't rely on others to pray and intercede for this great Nation.  Take action!  Have fun with it, make it an annual tradition, show this country that we will not sit silently as all of our religious liberties are taken away.  Show this country that it is still "One Nation Under God".  Let's for once be the majority and make known that we are many, we are united and that we are crying out to God for our Nation.


2.   Share it.  This Initiative will only be successful if people know about it.  Send the website address to everyone you know.  Like Kingdominitiative2015 on Facebook.  Re-post all of our Facebook posts on your own personal page.  Comment on and share our youtube promo video.  We need you to get the word out.  Utilize #kingdominitiative on all of your instagram pics from or relating to Kingdom Initiative.  And finally, post the flier anywhere people will be.


3.   Intercede.  "Intervene on behalf of another"  Be in prayer for the day.  A lot of people will be on the road on July 4th, so let's be praying for the safety of all of our travelers.  Pray for a Nation awakening turn out.  Pray that all of our friends who show up that day will represent Christ well.  Pray for a peaceful assembly.  Pray, pray, pray.



“Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”  Alexis de Tocqueville